Toddler Kindy GymbaROO or simply GymbaROO as it is known in New Zealand, offer an unrivalled franchise opportunity to establish, or buy an existing business with potential to grow. The rewards are multiple and importantly, offer both enjoyment and satisfaction.

GymbaROO franchises conduct sessions teaching children motor development and parents the importance of ‘Early Childhood Neuro (Brain) Development’ to health, behaviour and learning.

The activities involve a wide range of movement experiences for the children, using specially designed and constructed equipment to GymbaROO’s stringent requirements.

Working with young children is rewarding in itself, but with GymbaROO you will have the added satisfaction of knowing you are having a positive and lasting effect on the learning abilities of all the children who attend your classes.

The uniqueness of the franchise and it’s business systems is the result of Margaret Sassé’s tireless endeavours and commitment to make a contribution in the area of Early Childhood Development. This has made Toddler Kindy GymbaROO the pioneer and leader in this field and will continue to drive the organisation to expand to reach as many children as possible and to maintain the standards already attained.

Working hours which suit you are another benefit of the GymbaROO Franchise. Classes can be organised to suit and where opportunities to run classes at times that conflict with your own timetable, stand in teachers can be trained to run those classes.


Prices for GymbaROO New Zealand franchises range from $8500 to $24,500 excl. GST. The standard GymbaROO equipment package is not included in this price.


When the franchisee reaches the minimum acceptable level of six sessions per day for two days per week, with an average of twelve children per session, for forty weeks per year, the financial rewards are exceptional.

The potential however is to earn substantially more by the franchisee running more sessions, or engaging a teacher to run more sessions in the original centre or perhaps opening another centre within the Franchisee’s area.


Teachers, nurses and others qualified in Early Childhood and Neuro (Brain) Development. Non qualified applicants may engage qualified teachers to actually conduct the sessions and the franchisee take the assistant’s role. Administrative and marketing skills are also very important. You must have an outgoing personality and enjoy working with young children and their parents.


An initial  training program is mandatory for all new franchisees.This will cover the philosophy and rationale behind the program, the running and presenting of each of the age specific classes and the business systems of the franchise. This training is covered in the Franchise Fee. Online Professional Development Modules are also made available to all franchisees and their staff.


Our full support is given during the ‘set-up’ and opening phase of your business. This includes a senior GymbaROO manager attending and helping throughout your Open Day. This support will be ongoing with regular contact from management. GymbaROO is also committed to research early childhood development enabling our franchisees to benefit from being at the cutting edge of techniques and information in this field.

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